A0 Paper Size

A0 Paper Size Introduction-

The Standard size for A0 Paper Size is 841mm by 1189 mm. Paper sizes can often be confusing. So with this article were here to help you learn about a0 paper sizes.

These standards are the ones used internationally and by printers. The standards were first developed in France during 1798, when the French Revolution was going on and they were bettered by a German scholar in 1922, who introduced a system called the (DIN) system, which is what we use today.

The main advantage of the sizes is the aspect ratio, which is consistently the root of two, this allows us to remain consistent as we move up in sizes.

In the ISO paper size framework the tallness to-width proportion of all pages is the square base of two.

The width and the tallness of a page identify with one another like the side and the corner to corner of a square. This angle proportion is particularly advantageous for paper size. On the off chance that you put two such pages alongside one another, or identically slice one parallel to its shorter side into two equivalent pieces, then the subsequent page will again have the same width/stature proportion.

A0 paper size – millimetres: 841mm × 1189mm
A0 paper size – inches: 33.1in x 46.8in
A0 paper size – centimetres: 84.1cm x 118.9cm
A0 paper size – points: 2384pt x 3370pt
A0 paper size – picas: 199pc x 281pc

a0 paper size

ISO216 – this is the technical name used to describe A0 paper size.

ISO217/ISO 269 – these are two standards that are related to the A0 size. They are both supplementary standards and can be used intermittently. If you need a slightly adjusted size.

The A0 paper size is used for many different advertising and business purposes as well as personal purposes. Some of the most common uses for the size includes the positioning of advertisements, architectural and technical drawings, posters, and other type of personal imagery.

Some more technical notes on the A0 paper size-

  • A0 is double the extent of A1, and four times the span of A2
  • A0 is eight times the extent of A3,
  • A0 is sixteen times the extent of A4, and thirty two times the span of A5.
  • A0 is sixty four times the extent of A6

How A0 Paper Size Compares to other sizes-


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