Standard Frame Sizes

Through extensive research we had been able to find some size consistencies throughout the major framing companies. These consistencies have allowed us to create a standards document that will allow you to see the most consistent standard frame sizes standards to aid you in your purchase of frames and to avoid the high costs of customizing your standard frame sizes to your picture or art.

Typically custom frame sizes are the most expensive and scare some buyers after the initial purchase of the arts or photo. Knowing the standard frame sizes can drastically lower your costs and aid you in purchasing a frame.

Standard Frame Sizes:

(Picture Frame Sizes)

There are many different distinctive picture standard frame sizes nevertheless they are generally put into standard and nonstandard measurements. The most typical sized frames in inches are the following. These are pictures you usually see on your desk or hanging on a wall.

2.5 x 3.5 (walletsize)
3.5 x5
4×10 + 4×12   (panoramic)
8×8, 10×10+ 12×12 (Scrapbook)

8.5 x11


Usually picture frame sizes are measured by width and height and the picture frame sizing will refer to the size of the image opening and not the exterior dimensions. For example if your photograph measures 8 x 10 you may need an 8 x 10 frame.

Standard Frame Sizes: (General and Art)

The following are the most common measurements in inches from widespread canvas and poster frame dealers the standard frame sizes may vary dependent on the type of photo or art you are using.

5 x 7
8 x 10
11 x 14
16 x 20
18 x 24
20 x 24
24 x 30
24 x 36

Standard Frame Sizes

: (Posters)

Poster frames have a lot of different types of frames some of the frames are very thin and flimsy and come with the skinny Plexi which takes the place of any real glass and can be purchased for low costs. However for poster arts that includes more vintage commercials and posters of movie motion pictures it may be more difficult to find a high quality frame.

The following are the most common standard frame sizes and measurements in inches for posters

11 x 17
20 x 28
24 x 32
27 x
27 x

Standard Frame Sizes: (Artwork)

The problem with finding frames per artwork is the fact that canvases are available in a wide range of dimensions and sizes. Most of these frames can be found in the general dimensions however a great for the common artist is to keep the common dimensions in mind when selecting your canvas and painting this can save you a great deal on frames in the future.

Closing Words:

Thank you for reading and I hope this information was useful if you have any questions or would like to add some more information please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly through email.


Standard frame sizes team


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